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"CAPEX Series Pt. 3 - Flare Optimization" Webinar

by Zubin Kumana & Nicholas Cristea

As production throughputs have increased over the years, many owners and operators have found that the flare disposal system capacity has been an afterthought.

This webinar covers the methods and procedures for getting the most out of a flare disposal system, including techniques to “sharpen the pencil” and reduce the loads to the flare by reviewing and removing overly conservative modeling assumptions, as well as options for equipment selection and instrumentation based solutions to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of a relief load in a scenario.

Z.KumanaZubin Kumana, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Mr. Kumana is the firm's Principal Engineer and a degreed Chemical Engineer from the University of Florida. He has over 15 years experience in Pressure Relief Systems, Relief and Flare Systems, Risk Assessment, and PRA Concern Resolution studies. Zubin is also a Project Management Professional.

N.CristeaNicholas Cristea

Senior Process Consultant

Mr. Cristea is a detail oriented Master-degreed chemical engineer specializing in Process Safety Management, with the main focus in Relief Systems Analysis and Documentation. He is a practical problem solver who makes quick, accurate decisions to efficiently solve a client's need in the most cost-effective and safe manner. Nick has led over 20 domestic and global projects in Tier 1 Upstream and Downstream, Upstream Oil & Gas Operators, and Chemical Manufacturing Facilities with a total direct project revenue of over $10 million and savings generated in the region of $70 million.