Are You Ready for OSHA's NEP Audits?

"Are You Ready for OSHA's NEP Audits?" Webinar

by Dick Baum & Parimal Desai

This webinar will provide guidance on evaluating your PSM facility for compliance with the OSHA PSM standard and additional emphasis on the OSHA directive for the NEP Audits.

We will address all 14 PSM elements and what the NEP audit entails for review and documentation. Based on recent client feedback, we will: 1) focus on the areas that have drawn the most interest from OSHA and 2) how to prepare for a successful audit. Only OSHA knows the “Dynamic List” of questions developed for their audits, but there has been some consistency in the areas drawing interest. Join us as we share and discuss these experiences and how best to prepare.

D.BaumDick Baum

Director of Engineering

Mr. Baum is a Senior PHA Consultant with 40 years of experience in the oil / gas / chemical sectors. He has been with Smith & Burgess since 2011, focusing on project management, HAZOP/LOPA facilitation, SIL Analysis, and Risk Management Studies. In his new role, Mr. Baum will be responsible for ensuring the firm’s Engineering Department continues to deliver on the organization’s core values: Customer Service, Expertise, and Integrity.


Parimal Desai

Director of Business Development

Mr. Desai has experience in various aspects of the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, including: field development planning, concept selection and design, front-end engineering and design, pressure relief system analysis, extensive process simulation, mechanical integrity, PHA, HAZOP, LOPA, SIL and use of Salus, PS PPM, Pressure Protection Manager® (PPM®), Relief ++ and UltraPIPE® software’s. He has a solid understanding of relief device sizing and installation codes, including ASME, API, and Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS). Mr. Desai has performed projects for many of the major domestic oil and gas companies.