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"How to Scale Up your Rate Increase... Safely" Webinar

by Zubin Kumana, P.E., & Jason Spearow, P.E.

In the refining and chemical processing industries, increasing “throughput” of a processing unit is often considered a cost-effective method of maximizing the existing capital’s value. However, quite often, a unit’s throughput will be increased several times over the lifetime of the facility.

These changes can dramatically affect the adequacy of the entire pressure relief system design. This webinar explores the impact of throughput on the pressure relief system design, including standard approaches, potential obstacles, and best practices.

Z.KumanaZubin Kumana, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Mr. Kumana is the firm's Principal Engineer and a degreed Chemical Engineer from the University of Florida. He has over 15 years experience in Pressure Relief Systems, Relief and Flare Systems, Risk Assessment, and PRA Concern Resolution studies.


J.SpearowJason Spearow, P.E.

Senior Process Consultant

Mr. Spearow, P.E. is a degreed professional chemical engineer with over twelve years of specialized knowledge in relief systems design basis generation, concern resolution, and relief systems design training. Jason has experience with a wide variety of process units found throughout the industry, especially refineries and midstream facilities. Additionally, Jason helps onboard many of our new engineers and is one of our Relief System Design course instructors. Mr. Spearow earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas.