"Venting Requirements for Low Pressure and Atmospheric Storage Tanks" Presenter: Waheed Wakil, P.E. and Kamal Banjara, P.E.
September Webinar Graphic
"Consequence Analysis of Atmospheric Discharge of Hydrogen-Rich Releases from  Pressure Relief Devices" Presenter: Thuc Ngo, P.E.
Blue Yellow Modern Webinar Facebook Post (1)
"Using Salus to Mitigate High PRV Inlet Line Losses" Presenter: Waheed Wakil, P.E.
March Webinar Graphic
"Pressure Relief Devices Supplied by Equipment Manufacturers" Presenter: Waheed Wakil, P.E.
"Understanding and Using the New ASME BPVC Section XIII, 2021 Edition" Presenter: Zubin Kumana P.E., Principal Engineer
November Webinar
"Mitigating High Inlet Pressure Losses with Salus Inlet Stability" Presenter: Chris Heflin, Lead Salus Instructor
SMALL Minimizing Flaring at Operating Facilities
"Minimizing Flaring at Operating Facilities" Presenter: John Paschall, Lead Consultant
"Common Design Deficiencies in Installation of Relief Systems" Presenter: Waheed Wakil, P.E.
August 2021 Webinar
"Relief Systems Considerations in Renewable Diesel Conversion Projects" Presenter: Kamal Banjara, P.E. and Natalie Doe
July 2021 Webinar
"Statistically Determining the Worst Credible Load in a Complex System" Presenter: Dustin Smith, P.E.
Overpressure Protection Webinar June 2021
"Overpressure Protection in Sulfur Recovery Units" Presenter: Waheed Wakil, P.E.
May 2021Webinar
"Understanding the Impact of Tube Ruptures" Presenter: Zubin Kumana, P.E.
April 2021 Webinar Graphic.2
"Rapid Phase Transition Considerations for Biodiesel Reactions" Presenter: Dustin Smith
Final Graphic-2
"Leading and Lagging Indicators for Relief and Flare Systems" Presenter: Zubin Kumana, P.E.
Salus Data Insights-1
"An Overview of Salus Data Insights" Presenter: Christopher Heflin & Jeremiah McAfoose
"Understanding PSI Requirement for Relief & Flare Systems Analysis" Presenter: John Paschall & Waheed Wakil, P.E.
"The Way Relief Valves Actually Work" Presenters: Dustin Smith, P.E., Matt Byers & Rajesh Krithivasan, P.E
op scen
"Commonly Missed Overpressure Scenarios in Refineries" Presenters: Waheed Wakil, P.E. & John Burgess, P.E
"Changes to API STD 520 Part II" Presenters: John Burgess, P.E. & Zubin Kumana, P.E
"Incorporating Abnormal Modes of Operation into Pressure Relief System Design  and Documentation" Presenters: Waheed Wakil, P.E. & John Paschall
"Dust Hazard Analysis" Presenters: Mike Robertson & Robert Jackson
Elements for Keeping Relief Systems Documentation Evergreen
"Elements for Keeping Relief Systems Documentation Evergreen" Presenters: Parimal Desai & Waheed Wakil, P.E.
Importance of Heat & Material Balances for Relief Systems Analysis
"Importance of Heat & Material Balances for Relief Systems Analysis" Presenters: Kamal Banjara, P.E. & Waheed Wakil, P.E.
Relief Systems Mitigation
"Relief Systems Mitigation" Presenters: Parimal Desai & Waheed Wakil, P.E.
Changes to API 520 Pt I & 521
"Changes to API 520 Pt I & 521" Presenters: John Burgess, P.E. & Zubin Kumana, P.E.
flare (2)
"Best Practices of Flare System Analysis" Presenter: Kamal Banjara, P.E.
"Evergreen Relief Systems: Operating Safely from a Distance" Presenter: Jeremiah McAfoose
"Does My MOC Affect Relief or Flare System Design" Presenter: Reinaldo Kusliawan
Cover Graphic
"Understanding the Impact of Tube Ruptures" Presenters: Jason Spearow, P.E., & Zubin Kumana, P.E
"How to Scale Up Your Rate Increase... Safely" Presenters: Zubin Kumana, P.E. & Jason Spearow, P.E.
"Best Practices of Flare System Analysis” Presenters: Jason Spearow, P.E. & Venkata Badam, P.E.
"Best Practices when Mitigating Inadequate Relief Systems Designs" Presenters: Jason Spearow, P.E. & Archilles Arnaez, P.E.
"Does My MOC Affect Relief or Flare System Design?” Presenters: Achilles Arnaez, P.E. & Jason Spearow, P.E.
"CAPEX Series Pt. I: Add Value to CAPEX Projects with Specialized Engineering” Presenters: Nicholas Cristea & Andrew Stein
CAPEX Series Pt. II: The Importance of Analyzing Tube Ruptures with a  Transient Model” Presenters: Nicholas Cristea & John Burgess, P.E.
"CAPEX Series Pt. III: Flare Optimization" Presenters: Zubin Kumana, P.E. & Nicholas Cristea
"Are You Ready for OSHA's NEP Audits?" Presenters: Dick Baum & Parimal Desai