Salus Relief and Flare System Evergreening Software

When performing Relief Systems Design, challenges arise with the availability and organization of pertinent data, with the complexity, accuracy, and consistency of calculations, with the time investment required to generate quality, consistent documentation, and with the usefulness of the relief systems documentation once completed. To assess these challenges, Smith & Burgess developed Salus: a comprehensive and robust relief and flare system software package designed for engineers.

Salus provides a straight-forward, sequential workflow approach to Relief Systems Design that effectively guides the user through each step of the process.  Behind the scenes, Salus utilizes a SQL database to store all plant information, thus ensuring the most up-to-date information is readily available for design purposes while simultaneously maintaining archived records of previous installments.  Finally, a robust thermodynamic engine is integrated directly into Salus to allow the user to perform most (if not all) calculations one might require for Relief Systems Design.  

Included in the Salus software package is a web-based data analysis portal for authorized users, enabling access to the published relief systems documentation as well as providing an instant reference for any information used to generate the documentation.  Also included in the software package is access to the Salus UserVoice forum, where users can communicate directly with the Salus Support team, find extensive Knowledge Base Articles (full of How To's and supporting background information), provide user feedback, obtain responsive troubleshooting services, and request new features.

The purpose of Salus is both to ensure accuracy and to constantly enhance efficiency with the lengthy task of Relief Systems Design. The Salus development team has created multiple customizable tools that reduce tedious, repetitive tasks (such as bulk data entry) into an automated process, saving a significant amount of time and money. Salus Maintenance Upgrade and Support will ensure that your installment is kept up to date with the latest calculation methods, performance enhancements, and newest features and tools.

  • SQL Server Storage

  • Easy access to Relief Systems Data

  • Data Presented Based on PHA Research

  • Multi-field Search / Custom Reporting

  • Run & Print Reports (Compliance, or Internal Audits, or PHAs)