Smith & Burgess receives the Northeast Region's 2019 "Consultancy of the Year". 

In April of 2018, Daniel Creasey - the Managing Director of the Oil & Gas Awards, reached out to Smith & Burgess to congratulate our firm on receiving multiple nominations for their "Consultancy of the Year Award" within their Texas Region. Honored and humbled, Smith & Burgess jumped at the opportunity to compete against many well-deserving consulting firms. Thanks to our amazing clients and expert team, the Oil & Gas panel of judges selected Smith & Burgess as their 2018 "Consultancy of the Year."

Impressed with the organization and it's level of competition, Smith & Burgess once again entered their 2019 "Consultancy of the Year Award." (However, this time branching out to their Northeast Region.) And once again, the judges selected Smith & Burgess over an impressive group of consulting firms. While the trophies may look different, we are incredibly proud and honored by this recognition.


The Oil & Gas Awards:

Celebrating their 7th year, the Oil & Gas Awards aims to recognize the outstanding achievements made within the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry; while rewarding the success and commitment to health & safety, environmental stewardship, and corporate social responsibility. 

"Consultancy of the Year" Criteria:

The "Consultancy of the Year" award recognizes third-party consultancy services provided to upstream, midstream and downstream companies within the region. Eligible companies can include business process consultants, environmental consultancies, HSE training, development firms, and engineering or risk and certification consultancies. The strongest entries will demonstrate an impressive record of delivering innovative, original and consistent third-party advice on strategy, project delivery, and execution to companies within the region. 

Entries may choose to demonstrate elements of but are not limited to, the following:

  • Relevance to the operations and project delivery of the region’s leading organizations.

  • Expertise in their chosen field.

  • Success: Details and examples of collaborative success and demonstrable value to the client.

  • Outstanding corporate citizenship including details of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.